Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Arrival in NYC

Just got here to NYC. Immediately I smelled a good hustle that worked to our advantage. We stepped out of the airport when a Holiday Inn shuttle stopped just past the official shuttle pick up for transit to the long island rail line and started quietly pitching for customers. This is a picture of "my guy". He worked for Holiday Inn driving the shuttle to and from the Hotel and the rail station. I am not staying at Holiday Inn at all, but I needed a lift from the airport to the railway station to make my way into the city. But the official shuttle bus doesn't run too regularly and this enterprising Holiday Inn hustler/driver shuttled people from the airport to the train station for a few extra bucks. He takes us to this aiport Holiday Inn, then to keep the ruse going you have to walk out of the van and through the hotel entrance with your baggage and then back into the van. He then raced everyone to the rail station. Slick operation, for we saved about a half hour and rather courteous service. He hefted our bags for us so we could go in and out of the hotel.

Just got into the hotel over at 866 3rd Avenue. I am starving and we are going to head out.


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