Thursday, August 19, 2004

Boxing overload

A highly productive day. I woke up late as usual. I didn't get out of the hotel until 10, but I met up with Zack, the trainer here in KC. He runs an AC called Sweet Zs Boxing Club in KCK. I met him down in Westport at a place on Southwest called Coffee Girls. We talked about his gym and the possibility of doing fight out there in December. Everything seems to be right on line for both of our needs and what we have to offer.

Zack and I drove over to the Ringside Tournament out by the airport. It was crazy cool. Six rings going all at the same time. I saw all the STL crew there, Julie Nees, Kenny Lohr from 12th and Park and his son, Larry from West End with his fighters, Sarge and Chanel. Good fights in the midst of chaos of multiple rings, officials, kids, coaches getting kids ready. There were people from all over the world, with quite a few from the US, of course, and also Mexico.

I checked out the gear and picked up some stuff for the Panda AC. We got a new full face headgear for the guys that are worried about their nose. I am heading in tomorrow for closeouts and to check out the semi-finals.

I headed out then with Zack to eat and then over to his gym. It is slick. He has a ring, bags and a regimented workout. Long day, ran a few errands later on and off to sleep.


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