Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Busy Busy

I wound up running around quite a bit yesterday. Training at 2pm. I took Patrick out to lunch over at LaBohemme and then we finished the ring. The AC is coming along nicely. Patrick Fischer, John Shen and Mike McLaughlin were there to train. Peter coached and McBrady helped out. Bad Intentions brought in a free weights set donated by his father. My dad came by to check out the joint.

I then went back to my house and this fella came by and bought the Golf. Very quick and easy. Kid worked at Long John Silver in the Kirkhood. I then ran off to NoCo to take a look at the fighters at the NC Boxing Club. Howell wasn't there, but Big Hands Willis was. He was getting some photo opp by a STL American photog. I talked with his assistant promo guy about business. Should be interesting.

I then stepped over to the SBAC and talked with the coaches there. Always interesting. Jimmy Hathman, huh. Big Chris Duren, the champ right now, is going to fight on the card on the 5th assuming I find him a fighter. And Scott Kube is down too. I still need to find some more females.

I then went over to the Venice to check out a cut of the movie the Bunglers. It is a movie that you can see my back in. I am punching some mitts with McBrady. A big house was in effect. Good stuff. I ducked out to send some last minute docs, but I screwed up. I sent out the proposal for the beer companies for a sales presentation tomorrow. I just got it kicked back to me via email. I think I screwed that one up. Gad. I resent it, but I think the meeting was an hour ago. I did pick up the boot via ebay for the Cady which is good, but dern the electronic format.

I leave for KC in a few hours. I am going to take the cuz out to lunch first. He has been living in the basement all summer. Well he hasn't been in the basement all summer, but he has been in the STL. Got him a job and he has been livin' large. He leaves on Friday, but I am not going to be back, so I am going to treat him to lunch.


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