Sunday, August 01, 2004

Busy weekend

So I had an interesting weekend, including riding my bike, meeting with some chums and checking out some new locations.

I am having to find a new location for the fights because the Maplewood City Council had weak knees and didn't understand what it was all about. No worries for I got plenty o' locations that are willing and able. I should have the new location firmed up by Tuesday.

On Friday I went to a happy hour over at the Stamps in Benton Park. Jason had a spread like he always does, this time of some great cheeses. His crew from Core was in effect early and it was another laid back evening. The regular crew began to form later on. Machine Gun stopped in and I gots to talking with him and he took my laptop to sup it up and to fix up. O'Connell stopped in to show his new Eldorado. He has a 78 and just picked up a sweet burgundy 92 model. Very slick. I brought some pumpkin ice cream I made from the pumpkins that grew out of my compost head. I made some toasted seeds too. Tasty.

I did get to ride my bike down to get sopas over at El Bronco on Saturday, and then over to the market. The salsa was particularly tasty. It is always a bit different each time. I rode to the market to pick up some peaches for ice cream that I was making on Sunday for the family at the 'rents. Half of them got banged up in the bicycle saddle bags. I rode over to Pop's Blue Moon after in the afternoon to check out the scene for a potential location for the September 5 fights. They were having an outdoor concert. Was quite a scene.


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