Saturday, August 07, 2004

Friday was great. Ran around the Village. Did this most excellent walking and eating tour. There are so many great places to eat. Grocery stores, butchers and other eateries. Yum. First we stopped at this joint called Pasticceria Bruno. It is a pastry and shop on Bleecker. Then we stopped at Murray's Cheese shop. Didn’t go into, but stopped in front of a joint called John's Pizza which has coal fired oven pizza. Supposed to be the bomb. Then we walked by this old Speak Easy over on Bedford called Chumley's. This was a very historic district of NYC with many beautiful homes that date back to before the civil war. They had third stories added on in the later 19th century due to such heavy demand for housing. Very fun. We then hopped on the big double decker tour bus for one of those fancy runs around town. We rolled from Times Square down through Soho through the financial district up through China town and back over by the UN. Very fun. We got a two day pass so we are going tomorrow.


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