Sunday, August 15, 2004

Inagural day at the Panda AC

Very interesting 24 hours. Ranging from backroom brawls at the SBAC, to starring in a movie, to selling cars to a wife of a hitman to setting up a new boxing gym. Yesterday and today I worked with a number of people to set up a the new boxing gym, the Panda AC over on Victor and Ohio in the middle between Saint Francis, Tanner B's and the Way Out Club. Patrick and my cousin helped me put together the ring, yes a training ring for boxing, three hanging bags, two upright bags, a speed bag and more. The room has a perfect feel and set for boxing. Pat Fischer showed along with Joey Gavin, Coach Peter, Make McLaughlin, a new fighter Kevin and his Dad.

Last night I wound up helping out the photo shoot over at the SBAC rassling. Dillip and Machine Gun Burt were working everyone. Then a brawl nearly broke out in the locker room between Gary Jackson and Kid Curry. A fun crew was out in effect on Saturday. Jeff Lopinot was screamin, Patrick from the Motorcycle club was there, Johnny Courageous and Jason Triefenbach, Mike Seely, Chad Garrison, Dave, Tim Lane, Jeff Parks and a few other crew. Then I had to wake up early Sunday morning and go all the way out to Jeffco for a movie shoot for Doveed production about a boxer in a Casey at the Bat situation. It was a big deal shoot. I played a cornerman. I managed to avoid wearing makeup. They put a ring inside the gym at the High School cranked up the fog machine, dropped the lights and simulated boxing with a sparse crowd in the back. It was a full out production. I got fake blood all over my shirt. I had to bulldog a guy back into the corner after the fight got called.

After that we started up the creation of the gym. It was fantastic. Full crew, few faces and just great stuff. I was also showing the car, and this woman from the exurbs needed a cheapo car cuz her husband is in the joint for putting a contract out on some guy. Apparently it made the paper. She is getting sued by the vic for two mill. She had good spirit about it though. Very cool woman. Funny as all get out. She didn't pick up the car, nor did the Isreali guy from Collinsville or the Bosnian guys from South City. My ring was ringing all day. if anyone is interested I got an 89 VW Golf for 750 bucks. Mention this and I will knock 10% off.

Need to get new wheel bearings for the Eldo tomorrow morn and catch up on everything.

RIP Julia Childs


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So good to see you Saturday night at Tanner B's! Granny looks great! And extra congrats on the gym! I'm so excited! Hey, can I get a discount on a membership b/c I'll be in house? I'd love to train...just not too sure about actually hitting someone...or getting hit. I have such a pretty face...{wink}! Again....congrats!!!!!

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