Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Long day, new day

I woke up and started working at 6am yesterday. I worked at home until 10, and then I went to go look at a car up on the north side off Goodfellow. It was a beautiful 73 Buick Riviera, but it was in far to rough of condition. The interior was very rough, the exterior was really washed out, needed a new vinyl top and there was enough work that needed to be done that I would have to pass. I am going to keep looking for a boattail.

I then stopped down on the loop to drop off some flyers to people. I kept rolling over to Clayton to grab some lunch with my peep Jim at the Drive agency. I kept going, stopping over at the Fox to pick up tickets for the fights, then down to KDHX. I spoke with Bev Hacker, Larry Weir, Dan Adelman and Brett Underwood. All are doing well. I told Bev about the gym and she sounded interested in checking out lofts in the joint. Larry picked up a mid 60s Volvo. Sounds pretty sweet. Dan wanted to see if I could hit the Moonlight Ramble on Saturday and it sounds like a plan. I am going to ride downtown for the Lot on Saturday night and then I will take the pedal spin through the city. I hope it is a new route.

I swung back by my joint before heading back out to the Panda. The gym was kicking full, with Mary Jane and her two sons working with Coach Glenn McBrady. Larry stopped by to check out the gym with his kids. Kevin wound up sparring for the first time. He did rather well. I was starting to tire out afterwards, but I decided to head over to Tanner Bs for a bite. I saw Andy on Victor and he was headed to the same place to meet with Erin. As I drove I saw my chum Tony Miller working a case on Victor. Small time stuff, but good to know that the cops work on it. Talked with him about the secondary for the fights. He is coordinating it. He is planning on doing Guns'n Hoses so he might train at the Panda. Should work well. I saw Andy in front of Tanner B's but he had to run cuz he heard on the scanner that there was a shooting. I went in and saw Erin and chatted with her for a bit. Things are going well with her. She is working hard on Robin Carnahan's campaign. Andy rolled back and apparently the cop took off on a footrace after the shooter and nabbed him. Sucks to hear of violence, but good to hear that the cops are getting the job done in the apprehension. Hopefully we can work on preventing the first part so the second part won't need to happen. I wound up using the wifi at Tanner Bs to work late.

Today was not quite as productive. I had computer problems. I have been working on that most the day. I had lunch with my moms. We went up to Athonio's and then over to Amighetti's for some gelato. Great stuff. I worked at home the rest of the day. Went to the AC for training and then out to Eureka to meet with the Fire Chief. I am getting one of the firefighters on the card.

Long days. Should be fun tomorrow. Still much work to be done.


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