Saturday, August 21, 2004

Lounging on Cherokee Street

Got back from KC last night. Fun stuff, but I am worn out. It was a crazy scene on the last day with the close out sale that included pure chaos, which had kids running around on tables grabbing gloves. Funny funny stuff. I drove straight back and got copies of the posters made and went straight to the bars to start promoting. Stopped at Pop's Blue Moon to talk to Josh, went over to Modesto to speak with Roxanna, then over to the Famous Bar to chat with Kent Gray, then over to Freddy's to speak with Freddy and Paul and then over to the Way Out to speak with Lee, Bob and Sheri. Kristeen Young was performing. She usually does well but the place was dead. She was doing her usual freak out performance. Saw Akita over there. Oh, I then took Rich Quinn, one of the fighters to show him the Panda at about 1am. I then ran over to CBGBs to talk to Matt, stopping over to Mangia seeing an entirely huge crew and talked to Paul, then over to the Jade Room to speak w/ Hutto and then upstairs to see Dino and Tu. Then I was done. Gasp.

I didn't do much this morning. I tried to bid on a boxing ring on Ebay. Nice one too, but too rich for me for the moment, although I need to move some things around for it is a smart investment. I bid on it twice. Gad. It would have been slick. I would have had to gone out to Philly to pick it up. I have always wanted to go and hit a card at the Blue Horizon. Eh. Darn.

I then went over to drop off some gear at Gibson and some other errands. I had my bike tire repaired at A&M Bike shop. Karl sounded very excited about the upcoming bouts. It is right after the bike races. Should be very fun. I saw DJ Wilson outside with a whole crew of kids in addition to his own. Shaq and DeShaun were in the big ol' pick'm up truck. DJ had bikes in the bed. He also was getting a repair. Shaq was very excited, as usual for her, and DeShaun seemed slightly upset which is not that unusual.

I was starving so I stopped by at my favorite lunch, El Bronco, over on Cherokee. I got two sopas. I chatted with Yolanda Flores. Her father Jose and mother Maria own the joint. She is always hanging around. I chatted with her, and funny enough she goes to school with the Wilson crew. Shaq Wilson is in her class. Yolanda is nine years old and likes tacos, Chinese food, Italian food, French fries, hamburgers- everything- in her words. I am sitting right here in the place as I write it. Yolanda just waved and me and told me she would be right back "I have to deliver this" as she waved a bag at me. She goes to school over at Cabrini and starts next week.

I still got a full day ahead of me. I got training tomorrow but I have a lot of loose ends to tie up before the fights in about two weeks. Hold on- Yolanda just stopped me and wanted to see the pictures I had from Mexico. I told her I had been down there and she was very excited so she wanted to see the pix. In fact, here is my trip to Mexico
She told me when she goes down to Mexico that they pray for the Mother- Our Lady of Guadalupe. She said when she went down last was last year. I just gave her my money for the meal. I got to work now.


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