Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Nice rest at the World's Best Shoeshine on a busy day

I wrote this on Monday, but I am just finishing this right now(Tuesday)

Wow. Funny day. I had a busy weekend too. I wound up hitting a service on Sunday at the New Northside Baptist Church on Goodfellow. I did see Reverend Ellis, but I missed the youth minister. Apparently he did a piece on the old Testament, David and Goliath. I also missed the interpretive dancers.

On Saturday I went to my older sister's wedding shower. It was out in WeCo at her chum Maureen and Jeff's crib. She made out with loot. During a conversation earlier this evening with Megan Flaskamper and Butler Miller, they made an interesting observation about wedding showers. Butler coined showers a culturally sanctioned transfer of wealth. In fact he said close family doesn't need to give gifts, especially if they are not all that young. Damn, I shouldn't have bought that meat marinating machine. I doubt I would have been able to get away without that though.

Afterwards I hit the Lot at the Tap Room and I rode my bike in the Ramble with Andy Coco and Dan Adelman. It was a good run this time. Dan wound up blowing out a tire jumping curbs right in front of the grand basin. He had a tricked out bike with shocks. He did a luke duke replacing the tire, but he took about ten minutes while the Duke boys did it under 90 seconds, and cooter was chasing them.

I headed out today at 3pm and covered quite a bit of ground. I stopped over at Cherokee Rec and spoke with the Coach Jesse Davis about some fighters. I then rolled over to 12th and Park to talk to Kenny Lohr. I secured a few extra fights. I was making good time so I stopped downtown to drop off a note at the Post and then over to the Trophy Shop on Olive. I saw Christian Saller walking across the street. Christian walks quite a bit. He looked rather startled when I shouted over to him from the Mercury. Funny. He was on his toes for he gave me a quick stare then a smile.

I was doing great on time as I headed over to the Loop, so I stopped at the World's Best Shoeshine on Delmar and Whittier. I ordered a World's Best Shoeshine of course. It is a small little building next to the Rycraw Lounge. It has enough room for about, oh, four people. It was a nice relaxing shine. I rolled west on Delmar and stopped over at the RFT to talk to some peeps. The kids are restless and cheery. I then stopped up to the North County Boxing Club to try to work a few other fights. Outside was the older odd fellow whose teeth are constantly falling out. He is a photographer. Er, he takes interesting photos. Sometimes it is just easier to let him be him. He is always wanting to take photos of my fights. I saw Mike Taylor, a fighter from the east side outside of the club. He is going to help out on Sunday. I then rolled over to Knuckles Gym over in Venice Ill. I waited outside of the gym with a couple of the fighters. While we waited this big ol crazy guy kept circling the block cussing at us about Terry. He is a Granite City cop. Apparently Terry locked the guy up. I wouldn't mess with a cop who runs a boxing gym. The guy didn't look all together though. I spoke with Terry about all sorts of stuff. He has a great gym and great fighters. His son Ryan is an excellent pro who fights all over the country. We are lining up several fighters through his gym. Should be interesting. I then shot out of there and over to the SBAC and spoke to Mark one of the coaches. I am trying to line up Chris Duren, the current Hoosierweight Champ, with a fighter out of Cherokee Rec. I saw the Cobra, James Johnson, and Sarge. Funny crew. I then wound up stopping over at the Panda AC and talked with the fighters. Glenn was coaching. Mary Jane and her sons came in along with Shen, Don and Mike. Good to have the full house.

I ran out of there and went over to the old Custard Stand on Cherokee to pick up a taco. It is at California. I was starving so I had two tacos. I sat outside and ate it. Inside the taco ice cream stand the son of the owner was the point man for the operation. He spoke English and was about 10 years old. Pretty cool kid. There was a full house at about 8:30 of guys eating tacos and people stopping in for ice cream. I asked him for tap water and he didn't know what tap meant. I pointed at the faucet and told him water that comes out of that is tap water.

So as I was having some pleasant downtime I wound up just taking in the scene outside the taco stand on Cherokee at about 9pm. A truck pulls up to the grocery store across the street. It looked like a normal delivery, and it was a normal delivery, but it certainly got noticed. I felt like I was in Mexico or Ireland for the site I had seen were ones I had seen in these places. Two guys jump out of the truck and one jumps in the back and lifts up an entire pig. He had been slaughtered, but it was a whole hog. He picked up the lifeless, limp, pink pig body and handed it to the guy outside the truck. I caught it out of the corner of my eye and it certainly is something that catches your attention. There is no rear entrance to the store, so this is how it is brought it. Then pig number two came down on pig one. Huh.

I finished the night over at the Black Thorn to see the peeps. The house was slow, but I saw Mark Ribbing, his chum, Megan Flaskamper, Jill, Kraig Schnitzmeir, Amy, Sean McKessey, Dave Drebes and a few more people. I think Megan is going to come down to box at the Panda. She has that interest. She also gave me a piece of pizza. I saw John Brooke briefly. Also Sean apparently had his head run over on his bicycle. Ouch. He was banged up on his arms and legs. His head looked alright to me. He was over in Illinois riding with an old chum Paul Mueller and a crew.

Anyway, I gots to go!!


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