Monday, August 16, 2004

So I had another interesting day. This morning I took the Eldorado up to my mechanic Jack, pictured above with the other guy Terry. Jack has a shop over on MLK and Vandeventer. I had to replace my left front wheel bearings and the upper and lower ball joint on the driver side so I can go to KC on Wednesday. I was running fast for I had a meeting at 11 and take the part to STL auto parts to get the new wheel bearings pressed. I had to wait to get the wheel bearings delivered at the shop, but I made it to my meeting. My mechanic Jack was real cool for he leant me his Chevy to drive around taking care of business.

Then it got interesting. I was waiting for my wheel bearings to get pressed over on Gravois and Cherokee so I went over to Garundo’s taco joint on Cherokee for a bite. Anyway, I saw Lynne Hart hanging with a fella Enrique and then I saw Jamie from Mad Art roll in with some publisher and another fella. It was pretty funny actually, for I rarely see people I know over at the taco joints on Cherokee. I ordered chile reyenos and a steak taco. They tend to crisp the meat a bit more.

I had to stop at the Panda to pick up keys and talk to the coaches. We figured out how we are going to put down the flooring for the ring. Should work out pretty well. Things are coming along nicely. I rolled out of there and over to take the steering knuckle over to Jack, but the knuckle was damaged. Jack, the creative thinking man he is, patched it together like a Cuban mechanic so I could make it home. The center of the knuckle was spinning and it is not supposed to if it pressed. He wound up welding it in place as seen in the above pic. I am going to have to hunt down another steering knuckle, but it is drivable to get home. It looks like I am going to take the Mercury to KC now.

This evening I made dinner for my old HS teach Doc Rich Mueller, Butler Miller and my cuz. I made calzones of stuff mostly from my garden and the Kruses stall. I made the crust homemade, with green, red and yellow peppers, garden tomatoes, Sicilian eggplant, salisza (sp?), pepperoni and garden basil. I picked up some extra ingredients from DeGrigorio’s. I made a plate of fresh heirloom tomatoes with fresh mozzarella, olives and olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I also had some artichokes. Then for dessert I had some homemade peach ice cream. I sort of did it all by hand for I wound up rolling in to the house at 6:30 for I was running around with the car all day. I managed to get things ready for the guests who arrived at 7:30. Now my kitchen is a mess, but it was well worth it. I think my cuz Matt enjoyed it which was pretty cool. He enjoyed the different crew in the house.

Now I gotta crash.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what are you, freakin Spenser for Hire? Ya cook, ya box, ya cruise around town... are you gonna start solving mysteries next?!?!



8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spencer for Hire...ahaha....that's classic. Steve's slicker than Urich in his prime. holla!


12:09 PM  

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