Sunday, August 01, 2004


So there have been some weird shit going on. I rode my pedal bike down Wilson Avenue after leaving the Missouri Bakery and headed over to DeGrigorios. I was going the wrong way down Wilson so I jumped up to the sidewalk. Usually the sidewalks are relatively barren, but it was the Hill Days so there were actually more than one person walking down the street. One couple exagerattedly, but casually stepped to the side when I slowly pedaled by. Then as the second set of pedestrians came up I decided to take my chances on the street. I hopped the curb, now realizing that the curb jumping is what was damaging my peaches. I rolled around the corner saw a clear sidewalk and rode it to the store. I avoided the streets for the traffic was high and the streets are narrow. No one was on it. I stopped in to pick up some olives and fresh mozzarella. I was going to make some sandwiches later.

So here is the weird part. I get a phone call on my cell phone from what sounds like an old man.

"you been riding your bike on the Hill today? You been riding on the sidewalk?"

"uh, yeah."

I am a little confused. I am trying to think who this is. Someone is playing a joke.

"You need to stay off the sidewalk"

So I think hard. It had only been in the store a couple of minutes. Someone had just seen me. Someone who had my number. Who was it? I looked a the phone number and it was coming from a 773 number. Landline. Odd. Okay, just respond rationally. People think I am reckless already, just smooth it out.

"Yes I was on the sidewalk. I am so sorry. I will stay off the sidewalk, for I don't want to knock into any pedestrians."


He hangs up. Very weird. I don't recognize the number. I think of people I know in the neighborhood. I know a few, and they are the kinds to do it. My chum Tom Lally lives on the Hill and it sounds like somehting he would do, but I checked my address book and it wasn't his number and he lived on Bischoff. Weird.

I get home and do a reverse lookup of the number. It comes from some guy who lives over near Gravois Park, quite a ways form the Hill. Huh. I check out guys name and try to figure out who he is and I think he is some writer for STL magazine. Funny. Figures. I don't really know him that well, but that doesn't ever seem to stop people to mess with me. I guess he forwarded his phone or something, but still odd. Why go to the effort?

Now there is more to this riding on the sidewalk. I wrote a piece a month or two back when some cop on Grand threatened to arrest me for riding my bike on the sidewalk. Surreal experience, but it wound up being posted on coptalk and they started talking all about me and my address etc. People think I am such a trouble maker. Sheesh. But I don't get why people go to such trouble. Makes it interesting at least.


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