Friday, September 24, 2004

Busy days

Thursday the 16th

<>I ran around all day prepping for the big party at the Famous Bar. I was making black eyed pea pudding, black eyed pea hummus, Matte’, some pizza from Pizza World, spring rolls from Ban Mi So, some mango upside down cake by Joyce, flat bread crackers and I think that was it. Oh and coffee ice cream. I had to do some photo work with Dilip earlier on so I had my monkey suit on. Doing some promotional work with the gym. <>

Of course things were not correct at the Famous Bar for the bartenders didn’t know we were coming, but they are professionals and handled it well. The only thing that sucked is that one of the coaches needed to bring two of the kids there for their mother to pick them up, and the bartender got extra nervous and we had to kick the kids out. We really need to mature as a country. It was a family situation and we were all looking out like guardians. Oh well. Quite a few showed, Dan, Sarge, Doug, Jen, David, Chanel, Na-do, Barb, Josh, Shen, my Dad, McBride, Marty, Beth, Glenn, Peter, Sara, Rose, Steve and more. Good stuff. We crashed the private rooms hard and put the belt up above the bar. Mark Grey came by late and was apologizing but there was no need for everything turned out great with the exception of the kid situation. <>Friday night the 17th

<>Didn’t do much at first, but I talked to Matt Frederick earlier and he was headed to check out the Whole Sick Crew at Lemmons. I hadn’t seen them in a while and I headed out on my bicycle to see it. It was a beautiful night out. I should ride my bike more often. A good scene was there, but I had missed the whole sick crew. There was some other pirate band from Carbondale that was playing. I sat down and talked to Matt quite a bit about some business and things in general. He is pursuing his PHD and is going to be specializing in polling. That is one smart kid. He already knows what he is talking about, but he figures he will get the documents to authenticate the word. We talked about the election, the mistakes and the future. Very interesting. I saw Matt Pace and Kristin. There were others there, Bryan, Maggie, Larry and others. I saw Tim Rakel at the door. I asked him how business was. He shrugged his shoulders. It looked good to me. I pressed on. He said that last night there were three people. So I told him that business was inconsistent. He told me he got paid the same either way. What a good socialist.

I then rode my bike home, but I stopped at the Famous to have a half pint.


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