Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Cobra comes out of the corner to face Sam "the Policeman" Hill

Wow. Things are moving along fast these days. I got twelve fights on this card. It is going to be a long night.

I am turning in and it is still early. I have been all over town today. I met up with Rose Martelli for lunch over at Saint Raymonds and then we headed over to the Panda. Saint Raymond's is a big catering room attached to the Lebanese Church just south of Choteau near Tucker. It is the connected joint in town heavy with judges, politicians, lawyers, union guys etc. The food is great. I saw Roger Englehardt over at Saint Rays. He is a detective for the Police and he handles the fighters for the Police. I spoke with him about one of the fighters dropped out. Roger plans on coming on Sunday. I ordered a kibbi, grape leaf rolls, spinach and tomatoes. Rose ordered a kibbi, dumplings, tomatoes and vegetables. We topped it off with some Turkish coffee. Much needed. Rose just got back from Australia. Sounded like a blast. She went on top of the bridge in Sydney and she apparently was give a futuristic single jumpsuit that latched the person to the railing on the way up. It had an attached jacket, pants and even a hanky.

I showed Rose the Panda AC and then I got ready for the fighters. I then suited up to spar. Zack Thenhaus showed up and so did Mike McLaughlin. I wound up popping Zack at will. He has good movement, but his forehead is just so easy to tag. Zack was having trouble with his wrist, but I think he can fight through it. He really needs to keep his hands up. Zack does work when he comes. Mike is going to make a great fighter. Very disciplined and he has respect for sparring. Cannot wait till he goes full throttle.

I walked around the Panda Paint Company, for I might have to swap out spaces. Long story, but I hope we can find an agreeable space. It was part of the deal for the space that I need to be mobile for if he finds a renter I will need to move rooms.

My father stopped by the Panda to check out the fighters. We then stopped over at Tanner Bs. I have sort of made it my secondary office. They have Wifi, very cool staff, very close to the gym and it is quite relaxing. Oh, and great food. I got a chicken Caesar with a side of vegetables. Good stuff.

Then the run began- shot out of there and over to the Annex. I saw Big Hands Willis outside. He darted past in his beat up Caprice, looked over and saw me, stopped dead and backed up. He wanted to talk I guess. I know so. He is doing a pro show downtown in September. We chatted about the game and cross promotion. He seemed a bit embarrassed by his self named battle ride. The blue Chevy, one of my favorite engines-350- and models, the Caprice Classic was a real solid ride. The Big Hands ride had a ripped out radio, busted windshield, busted vent window, trashed and loud. I liked it. It reminded me of the Impala I owned that got jacked after a double murder when I lived in Kirkwood. I actually was looking for a Caprice last year, but found my Merc. I am tempted to swap out though. Not for that one. I got respect for the battle ride, but I prefer the pimp rides, hot rods or the unassuming sleeper rides. And a beat up battle Caprice might be a sleeper, but its hardened exterior is not unassuming sharp. However, I would pick up a ride like that if society breaks down like in Road Warrior. Actually, if society does break down like that- no law no order survival mode- I will go the way like the Goose and go with the motorbike and create a protection service or avenge someone's death. I think I would survive such decay in society, although I wouldn't want that really... I think about this too much.

I went in to the Annex and it was a full house. Hathman has those kids banging all the time. Sam Hill was there. He is the cop who beat former Olympian and world champ David Reid. Quite a feat, but it was a bit of a, er fluke. Reid had sort of lost his edge, but Hill did beat the man. Hill has an odd style. I have seen him fight several times before. High arms, leans in. He went in to bang against the Cobra, Austin the Nigerian Nightmare and pretty much the entire stable of about a half dozen other fighters. Hathman likes to scream at the fighters. Really scream. It is alarming at first and then starts to seem surreal. Funny guy. Uh.

Reggie from Major Hawkins was there and I solidified the rest of the bouts. I got the big ones and the other ones. After that I went over to Venice Ill to Knuckles. Terry was there with Gil along with a full gym. Very cool gym. Open, warm, realistic and encouraging. I solidified the final fights for the night, calling over to Kenny and Reggie on the phone. Finally. I did get a full blooded Italian which should play well on the Hill. Nice kid too, it will be his first fight. I got some real interesting bouts.

I then rolled over to see Erin Loos Cutraro for she had some tix for me. Robin Carnahan was going to come to the fights, but she had to cancel. Oh well. Erin was there with her coworker Mindy and the other one she introduced me to, her name escapes me, but she is from Canada, Winnipeg to be exact. We had some interesting conversation. They had some pizza and toasted ravioli. I ate two pieces of the thin crust. Pepperoni and mushroom. I then had some espresso out of the new machine, got to keep that stimulant in the system.

I then ran over to Pops Blue Moon to swap out tix. Talked to Terry and I had some whiskey up with a water back. I needed to calm the nerves. Did not do the job. Should have gotten something smoother. I then started over to Mangia, but en route out of the corner of my eye I saw Matt Fernandez inside Modesto. He looked so serious and focused. I rolled back and then went in to say hey. He was with Rocky and a crew. Chatted for a bit, but needed to go to Mangia where I stopped in to see Paul. The crew of lovable misfits were at the bar including the guy from Istartfires- okay that was years ago, but that is how I met him- I loved that band- and he was reading a book called the Infinity of the Mind. Funny. Paul picked up some of the VIP tix. Good call. This thing is going to sell out and the ones in the seats will have it best.

Strolled out of there and headed over to Magees to see Maggie. I am so out of it, for she has dropped the night. She always packed that night, or at least had it jumping. Maggie from the Good Griefs always booked solid shows, a series at Magees and for a while over at Lemons. I know she has been busting her ass trying to make it all work and it does not pay much, but she really always made it work though. I did go in and chat with the barkeep and left some posters. Everyone was immediately immersed in the event. There was a cool dog hanging out, a cross between a whipit and an Australian sheep dog. His name was Pigeon. Very friendly. I then had to go home!!!

Tomorrow I meet with the accountant. Perhaps someday I will actually make money instead of going into debt.


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Heh. Erin and Andrew are neighbors of mine--I bought a car from her about a year ago...

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