Friday, September 24, 2004



I had training tonight with the kids. The kids were great. A large crew from West End gym came down. They were very well behaved and were working hard. Nice to see form them. Coach Larry had them all working well and the kids were showing mad respect. Good. Roberto worked with them quite a bit too. Mike showed with Joey and some other fighters. Good stuff.

I then headed over to Tanner Bs to catch up on some work. I set up shop in the corner. They got that wifi and an outlet. I can get quite a bit done just plugging away. I ordred a small salad. But it is hard to do work when people started rolling in. Jeez, it was just a Tuesday night. First I saw Paul Brenden. He is an architect and does work with Dave Dwars and old chum from High School. Good guys. Paul came to the fights. Then I saw John Pollaci and Nick Baur. Both guys I know from way back. Funny. Nick has done real well in Real Estate and got himself a house in Compton Heights. Good for him. John Pollaci is doing the loan game like his dad. Our father’s know each other and we have many mutual friends. We talked about things. Apparently they went to that Urban professionals thing which was over at a new B&B on Russell. Sounds like a nice joint.

I then had to take calls and I went outside for the reception is crap inside the restaurant. There I see Andy Schneider and Kathy Best. They told me that Andy was doing well, for they had just talked to him and he was getting drunk with the soldiers from Iraq. They just finished their second tour. Apparently there were a lot of injuries this time out. Ech. I closed the joint down and finished a lot of work. Good stuff.


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