Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Life in the fast lane, er...

Wow. One helluva weekend.

The fights went great. Relatively smooth. Generally successful. The problems had far fewer problems than in previous bouts. Good fights too. A lot of open class fighters. Only one no show. The crowd was bumping. The characters were thick.

The set up went rather smoothly. The night before, on Saturday night I went over to Pop's Blue Moon to meet up with Gate, my chum the G-man spook, who was in town to go to the fights. I went to school with Gate. He worked with me at the station and we still run around quite a bit. He is my main Chicago connection. Anyway, so Gate has been to a lot of the bouts. He came to town cuz his mom came bought some tickets to the bouts and was going to take him. How cute. He is a momma's boy. Like I should talk. My mother was also at the fights. Grandma has been too, the dogtown fights and the Kentucky Ave fights, but they have shied away from taking her more recently for she is 91. I guess it was okay when she was a spry 89. Actually I agree with my parents, but one of the main reasons I created the VIP section was so my grandmoms can come more easily. And after the last fights, seeing how the VIP section has gone, I still think I need to have a bit more calm of a situation. I am working on it. I think I should get her an entourage like a boxer. Everyone move out of the way! Here comes Grandma! Pay your propers. Don't act like a fool. Be nervous, nervous because you want to be proper and nice and not come off over anxious, a fool, loud or out of hand. Hmm. I am going to work on that.

Anyway, so I meet Gate over at Pop's. I got their a bit early, so I talked a few things over with Josh and Terry. The port-a-potties were in the place. We double checked all the other notes from timing, arrival of rentals, security, volunteers, ticket sales etc. Everything was good. Very good. Hmmm. I was waiting for the crisis. And the smaller problems were of note, but overall very small. I worked out a situation in which the rentals were not confirmed properly. It is a good thing I double check. I also had all the staffing issues addressed. The doors were set. Braclets, banks, stamps, lists, will call etc. We had two doors too. I put reliable people in place, three per door. They handled it beautifully.

Anyway, so Gate comes over to Pop's. So Gate does computer forensics for the Feds. He's got a badge and all. Too much fun. After he got the badge, which is just cool, I started sniffing around and I hustled up an old KGB badge. It is badass. I made sure that he absolutely meet me before he left town once so I could get it to him. He now owes me a favor due to this badge. Apparently it worked in quite the funny situation up in Chicago. So we met for a sip of some beer up front, but the band was starting up so we headed back to the private room to talk. Pop's has a nice backroom next to the bathrooms. They often keep it closed, but it can be opened. It has great lighting. So we hear that Thomas Crone was in the house. He was hanging out front. Gate has known Crone for years. He came back eventually and we chatted for a bit. He was a bit quiet that night. He was wearing a suit for he was going to crash a wedding at Mad Art. Not sure what for. Probably just to hang out with the owner and employees. Tracy, Ron, Jamie, Andrea and the crew. He sometimes bartends too. Actually so do I. It has been a while. I think I am going to email Tracy.

Okay, so I am drinking with Gate. We chat with Akita Crone in the back for a few minutes and then we all head out. I wanted to get home early for, quite obviously, I had a big day the next day. Outside I see Josh. And next to him is this big pimped out golf cart. It had metal exhaust pipes. A roof with overhead lights like a jeep. Fat all terrain tires. A chain steering wheel. Geezo. A chain steering wheel. And to top it off it has an electronic horn that plays the theme to Godfather. So I had to ask. And he let us. Josh let us take a spin through the hill on this glorified golf cart. Gate and I hopped on. We rode right over the curb. The thing has six car batteries. The lights were blasting full throttle, while the actual throttle only got us up to a quick walking pace. We slowly rolled over the Edward's Bridge. Then we took a left at Shaw. We stopped at Modesto. I had to see if Roxanna was working. She was already off. Dang. We went over to Bommarito's and I saw the thug wearing a tux and a hat who guards the door. I played the Godfather theme. The thug just stared at us. We then rolled and took a right over at Adrianna's. We rolled around to where Saint Ambrose is and then took some pix on my picture phone as seen above. The great thing then was when we passed up Milo's. There were some other guys on the street who started yelling at us in Italian. It was funny. We pulled back in to Pop's after a thorough run. I wound up heading back home after that. I really needed to get some sleep.

Sunday went great. Too much to write about. Hectic start up. I had some no shows on some help, but Don, Ben and Joey pulled through. Great stuff. Got the ring, tables and everything together. Everything else pretty much blurred into place. I met up with Zack from KC over at the Panda. He came into town with his crew to check out the fights. Good stuff. The young lady boxing student drove a very nice new Impala. Can't remember her name. I got to do better at that. The early gate crashers crashed and we got most of them to pay. The door peeps did a great job. The fights were great. The officiating was fantastic. Everything went smooth. I went to the afterparty at Freddy's which was jumping. Really jumping. Sat down and talked to Peter for a bit. The gym is going great. We decided to add on Roberto Martinez as a coach. Good call. And we added the all female session. Roberto is going to train on that one. He will be great. He actually trains the kids over at West End, so this will be quite a switch. I also sat down and talked with Jen and David. They are getting married next spring. I have known David for over 12 years. Great guy. He has dated Jen for, oh, six years? I used to live in the same four family as him, and then Jen when she moved in with him. He lives over in Clifton in a nice house. Very nice. Dave rides scooters with Jen. I used to tinker with him in the basement of our building. Often I wound up breaking some of the items- one specifically- a hub on a scooter wheel. It had an internal brake park we had to get to. We later found out there was no real way to get it off, but we got it off alright. And never to be put back on. Funny.

So Frank DiPiazza came to talk to us. Frank is great. Funny fella. His family owns Datalia food importing. Frank plays the drums. And he takes pictures. He is really rather good. I recommended Frank to Jen and David for a photog for the wedding. He is not that overdone posed shot photographer, and they are hardly the over the top high maintenance couple either. They are going to do only black and white and just a few posed shots. The rest will be action shots. It is going to be great. David then asked me to be a part of his crew for the wedding. That is really cool. It is the first time I have been asked. I really am happy to do this for David.

More happened sure, but the days have gotten on and it is late. I have been lying low the past couple of days, but I am going to start back into the swing of things for I am in the need to keep things moving. But I am going to need to sleep.


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