Thursday, September 30, 2004

Lunch with The Man

Here is a picture of John Brown, the owner of Ringside Boxing in Kansas City. We went to lunch at Mister Goodcents by the warehouse. Ringside is the largest manufacturer of boxing gear in the world. He is a huge supporter of Hoosierweight boxing and of me personally. He has been a longtime supporter of the bouts from the second card I put in my backyard. He has been supportive in many invaluable ways. I see him every couple of months either when he is in the STL or when I am in KC. We discussed business about the fights I am putting together in KC.

John Brown had a different new proposal for me to work on my angle for boxing. It is pretty sound, but it will take a ton of legwork. He knows what he is doing too. The proposal has to do with developing on the professional end. He told me that Bob Arum and Don King are on their way out. They are at the end of their game. DeLahoya is on his way up, but his niche is narrow. He told me I could be the next Don King. Now I have heard that before, but it has always come from people who don't know that much about boxing. Now John Brown said this to me, and such a statement really means something. It is just hard when I have to run a business so lean on the startup. Things are definitely working out though after discussing the ideas, and the state of the business and the opportunities in general. Hmmm.


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