Thursday, September 30, 2004

Zombies don't scare me... all that much, er

I am still too scared to see Shaun of the Dead. I am such a pussy. I thought I could get over the initial premise. I had always been fearful of the undead walking the earth dining on living human flesh. I have overcome most of that fear by watching and rewatching these movies off an on over the past ten or so years. Now I am no longer having nightmares about zombies, but I still squirm during moments of the zombie flicks. Now for some reason, seeing a parody of a zombie flick makes me a bit queasy and that is too queasy for me.

It all stems from watching Dawn of the Dead was I was something like 9 years old. I remember the zombies walking through the mall eating the living, all the while my mother was in hysterics. I didn't understand why my mother thought it was so funny at the time, but now I see how it is awfully hilarious. But it still really scares me.


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