Sunday, October 10, 2004

Big week

Been busy this past week. Taking care of a lot of business. I am moving the Panda Athletic Club to a new location downtown. The new spot is very, very nice.

Peter and I ran around on Friday. He drove the Lincoln. Good stuff. We visited Roxanna over at Modesto for a drink. We then rolled over to Llwelyns to watch the debates. Good crew. Herzberg, Brook, Sue Z and some more peeps were over there. We then stopped over at Pop's Blue Moon to talk to Terry and Josh. We are going to sell some Guns and Hoses tix over there. Then we stopped at the Chocolate Bar to meet with Bad Intentions as he bartended. He was doing quite well. We hung out with a few interesting people. Cutraro showed up and I hooked a ride with him. I had too many Manhattans. We met up with Mario from Getty who was in town for the debate. We stopped at the Rocket. Saw the regular cast of characters including Stacy House. She was looking good. She is thinking of coming down to train.

I woke up the next day with a bit of a hangover. Didn't expect that, but damn those Manhattans just go down so easy. I dragged myself to training and then over to get some sopas and tacos on Cherokee. I needed to eat. I then got some Gelato over on the Hill and listened to some fun Italian music trio. I was a bit rough.

Not much else of note. I worked on Saturday at Mad Art. Tried to go to the casino. I have been meaning to go. I haven't been in something like five years. I got one of my guys working there now. Training went excellent on Sunday. The gym is really coming together.

The fall colors are coming out in full bloom. It really has become a beautiful time of year.

We get everything ready to move this week. I am trying to get a location ready for the next bouts. I am trying to get some of the possible locations ready. I need to solidify some of the potential fighters too.

Need to sleep.


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