Thursday, October 28, 2004

On the run

You have yet to live life if you have not had to run to catch the bus. It has been way too long since I have had to scurry to catch a bus. Probably since last spring. It is kind of fun, except when you miss it. You have yet to live life since a bus passes you up. Running with your backpack. Groceries. Not wearing running shoes. Trying not to slam into someone walking. It has been probably two years since that happened to me. Over on Arsenal, the Soulard bus. I wasn't paying attention. I was standing there reading the paper and whoosh. It rolled on by. It had snowed and was one hell of a walk over to Grand. Riding the bus keeps you honest. And people in this town are not kept honest in this way. I don't ride it nearly enough. I tend to ride my bike to get around when I don't have motorized wheels. I should check to see how close I can grab a bus to get to the gym. It is very settling to ride on the bus. Just read the paper. Decompress. Enjoy the scenery and weirdness of the fellow citizenry. I do dig driving, and there is a lot to enjoy out of it, but it promotes laziness when done in excess and promotes ignorance and unintentional dishonesty when done in exclusivity.

I am sitting here doing some work at one of the transfer points in midtown. I need to mover closer to a transfer point. They are setting up a stage at the coffee house here and one of the guys gave me a pitch to catch the music and poetry reading tonight. I think I might stop on my way back.

Jack Titone and Officer Cotton just walked out of the coffee shop. Jack is the old murder cop for the city and is now working for SLU as their head enforcer. He is a nearly a caricature of an Italian cop. Now I remmeber Cotton from before they put on Titone. He reminds me of the funny Irish cops from old black and white films, but he sure ain't Irish. He is just funny. Seeing those two walk around would make a good Cop comedy. Kind of like Reno 911.

I saw another one of those confederate billboards on my way from an appointment over on Doctor King where it hits Cass. Blech. But the fall colors are just jumping today. Today's color is yellow.


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