Friday, October 01, 2004


I had to go to the doc this mornin'. I have been carless the past few days, so I am riding my bicycle. I had to ride my bike out to Kirkwood this morning to pick up the car to go way way way out to see my doc. So I woke up early and rode my bicycle through Maplewood, Webster and on to Kirkwood. I hadn't ridden my bike that way in ages. Maplewood is cute as a button. And Webster is gorgeous. All sorts of different houses. The trees are so stately. I rode all back streets, and didn't even know exactly where I was for the grid scatters out that direction, but I know my sense of direction. At one point I ran into the new Metrolink track in a place I should have been able to cross which you can see in the pic I took above. So I made my own way. I rode down the grass, hefted my bike up an embankment then on to the gravel in which the tracks were going to be and then off to the streets again.

I noticed the yard signs for the election were getting thick. I figure that the ratio was probably about 2-1 in Kerry's favor, but I noticed a few oddities. In more than one yard with the Bush signs that they had multiple Bush signs on the same property. In another I noticed a Bush sign and a McCaskill sign. Odd. And as I pedaled up Lockwood near Mary Queen of Peace I noticed some more of the "Read my Apocalips" signs under the railroad overpass, but someone had ripped them down.

I made it to my parents in Kirkwood, for I needed to grab a car to make it out to the doc. I saw my 91 year old Gandmoms picking up my Moms for work. I took the Datsun, which is a hot rod and also for sale, out to the doc. I saw Kathy Weir, wife of Larry Weir who I worked with at KDHX, in the waiting room. She took a header while on vacation in France. She mistook the cellar for the bathroom in a vacation home they rented with friends. She took it in very good spirits. She got to see what a French ambulance was like. What a French doctor was like. She got banged up pretty good, 12 stiches on her shin, a busted nose and a cracked rib. The thing is, she was able to walk and get around so it really didn't mess up the vacation. They were worried about getting hit in the pocket book for the hospital bill, but it wound up being 177 Euros which is about 220 bucks Americano.

I got a clean bill of health. Doc McCarthy is cool fella. He has been my doc since we moved to the river city. I once threw up in his office cuz my sister kept taunting me about the shot I was going to get. I was so anxious about the impending injection that I barfed all over the room. That is my sister's m.o.. Teasing, biting, kicking, telling lies to me. Oh what an awful childhood. Well, hardly. The lies were always amusing. She once told me that artichokes were animals. My grandma was living in Cali and would bring them to my moms and we would dine. My sis pulled out the heart of the artichoke and told me "this is the heart." I told her I didn't believe her. She then told me that on the bottom was where they whacked their feet off. They would keep them in pens and the farmer would come out with a shotgun and shoot off their feet. I found this hard to believe. She gave me the heart in a napkin and told me to ask moms if it was the artichoke's heart. I did and she confirmed the heart. I didn't eat artichokes for a while after that. Then there is the time Social Services nearly took me away cuz of her, but that is another story.

So I am stopping at the shop where my Moms works. It is a coffee and kitchenware store called Cornucopia. I am in the back writing on the computer. Scott, a co-worker, came in and showed a Police alert for some dude who just robbed a shop around the corner yesterday. He was a tall white goon, brandishing a "very shiny silver handgun" and the description that sticks with me "yellow teeth." They don't know eye color, but those yellow teeth made the description. I wish that Mark Trail was a color comic, for I bet the goons would have yellow teeth in addition to their sideburns. Funny, Kirkwood really isn't Mayberry like many expect. I really learned this when I sold newspapers on the streetcorner at several different places in the neighorhood when I was a kid. I got to see some intereting things and meet even more odd folks. It is more like everywhere else. Except the criminals have yellow teeth.


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