Thursday, October 28, 2004

Peelin' Sweet Potatoes on Compton

I stopped over at Diner's Delight the other day for some grub. I got some corn, sweet potatoes, peas and corn bread. It is a nice comfy lil' joint over on Compton. I sat down and this fella was sitting in the dining room peeling sweet potatoes. It was nice to sit down with the guys doing the prep work.

Just prior to my chow I wound up going over to this car wholesaler to check out a lincoln Mark series. He was asking too much cash, but I saw a bunch of people over there who I knew. I saw Nina from Skif, Rob Goetz, Tom Carr from Atomic Neon I met the other day when I was looking for space for the gym. Nina was getting her Saab repaired and Rob was looking for the guy to do some work on his truck.


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