Friday, November 19, 2004

Apparata! tonight

I am here in my office at the Panda. I got the wi-fi kickin' and am catching up after my trip to KC. I checked out a venue over in the West Bottoms. It is right above this gym called the Authentic Boxing Club. Should be pretty cool if I can get the deal to work. I am close to confirming the Soulard Market Gymnasium on Feb 4 for the next fights. Need to get that confirmation.

John-Carlos Marino is fervrently assembling his works for the art show tonight at the Panda. Here is the press release.

An evening of mechanically augmented enjoyment featuring new works by John-Carlos Marino. On display will be video and interactive sculptures for the audience to use. Marino creates makeshift contraptions from found objects that are equal parts absurd and serious, then invites the audience to operate them.

One Night Only
Free to all
Friday, November 19th, 6pm - Midnight at the Panda
Athletic Club, 1619 N. Broadway (between Mullanphy and
7th Street).
For more information call: 314.621.0552


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steven F. Smith....
I think you look like a sexier version of the host of "The Soup" on the E Channel.....

3:06 PM  

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