Thursday, November 04, 2004


So I need to do something to get rid of this irritation I am feeling. A lot is going on. Nothing I can do anything about at the moment. From national shifts in our country to personal things. Just a lot of things at once. Irritated is the feeling of the moment. I don't like it one bit.

I am not exactly sure what to do. It doesn't seem right. I cannot pretend not to see what is going on. I will try to delve into mental diversions. Just for my mental sanity. I just want to be a good citizen. I am at a loss. I may not get rich, nor will I necessarily be financially solvent, but they can't keep me down. I will maintain my sanity and dignity regardless of what others may believe is the new reality of our world. I will at least be in good company with my fellow misfits. I have always been.

So diversions are in order to keep my personal sanity! Getting hit in the head seems even saner in our world, yet will somehow make me seem crazy. It should be crazy. But I am not.

Maybe I ask too much of my fellow man. I only do it because I know we are capable of quite a bit. No sense in low standards regardless of what is happening.


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