Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Northside gets all the cool stuff

Enough already. All this chicken talk is gross. And I have taken a look at the blog and it involves chicken and mice in the past weeks. No more varmint talk!

So I was driving through the northside the other day. They get a lot of cool things up there on the northside. First they pave the sides of the highway with concrete making it look futuristic, then the take them out and plant flowers. Over the past year they have been putting all these way cool iron fences over the bridges with the posts covered in faux brick not unlike the ridiculous gaudy overpasses out in Creve Coure and Chesterfield. It is kind of like gilding the lily, but that is in the true Saint Louis spirit. Look at any of the older homes in town. You can even look at the houses that are essentially shacks and they usually have a lot of hand carved wood, decorative facades and stain glass. Kind of fun really. Of course we don't have any of these cool overpasses in South City. Only in North City and the tony burbs.

I am headed off to KC this week on bidness. I am also putting the Merc up for sale again. I have been looking around for a while and found a nice 71 Thunderbird. Nice one too. It is green. So if anyone is interested I am putting the Merc in the paper for 2400 bucks.

Here is what I am advertising:
1978 Mercury Grand Marquis
A legend of automotive superiority, this Grand Marquis was made for no greater comfort or convenience from the finest engineering and design America has ever produced. There are no higher levels of owner pride, prestige and lasting value. Be a part of this great American style that is at one time classical and contemporary. Own the luxury Mercury lifestyle.

Full sized luxury four door, powder blue exterior, white vinyl top and stripe in excellent condition, ac blows cold, fully operational am/fm hi-fi stereo eight track with tape collection (including Captain and Tenille, Willie Nelson, Ted Nugent, Merle Haggard, Henry Mancini and all the finest American performers), power windows/locks, cruise, tilt, defogger, full size spare, flip up lights, map lights, cb radio, trailer hitch, 400cid V8, runs smooth and strong, great/excellent dark blue vinyl interior no rips a few minor scuffs on driver's side, ersatz wood grain interior, great/excellent exterior- original paint looks nearly brand new, only rust showing on the side skirts about three inches by one inch- barely evident, clean chrome, very clean car, new front brakes/master cylinder, new rear springs, new front tires, new y exhaust pipe, all records, 170xxx miles. Minor rock chips on front end from being a highway driver for a striking older woman and her dashing husband to take to the Ozarks. Garaged for 25 years and the car looks like it is only a few years old. Drives smooth, the car just passed inspection in October.
Price: $2,400 American/obo

I should find out tomorrow about the location of the next fights. If this location works out it will be extra fine. Very nice. Like the Blue Horizon.


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