Monday, November 01, 2004

Slow ride no bus

The ride on Natural Bridge is smoooooth. Now that I got new tires on the Merc on those new paved roads they did on the all over the city on most of the major arteries- oh about a year ago. And it has held up too. Smooth drive. I didn't want to turn at Union.

But what kind of city has nice streets? Not a real rugged big city. Chicago has always had crap streets. NYC was dodgy the last time I was there. I think a few well placed potholes on these new roads would be a good reminder that we are a big city. At least we got some crap streets like Jefferson to remind us of the glory days of our town.

There is some good news about the bus, but as it is with Bi-state it has to screw it up too. I always took the Soulard bus downtown, but I never followed it north. Apparently it loops up around the gym. At least the southbound bus does. I saw it rolling down 9th street just a few blocks from the gym. This is the good news. The bus will take me from my house to where I need to go with no transfers.

And this is why Bi-State sucks. I go to the website. And the website is a perfect example of why they suck so badly. It is supposed to be about the people that ride the bus and people they want to get to ride the bus. Customer service is not what keeps them in business. I go to check on the route and the times. It is easier to check movie times which fluctuat by the week. I had to download their listings on a PDF. I have adobe, but for whatever reason it doesn't work on my machine. Now I have most of the bus schedules in hard copy from picking them up on the bus. Now they put the schedules on the bus- sort of. You can be on the southhampton but it will have skeds for the Shaw Russel. But none of the Soulard, Kingshighway or the Chippewa. I have managed to piece them together over time. But I can not find my Soulard hard copy. I found one I tried to download off the PDF last spring and printed out, but it prints out so funky I can barely make it out and I cannot see the names of the streets. I could call them up, but honestly, I have done this and they give me the most freaky ways to get around on bus.

So I probably will try to download the sked at some point, but honestly I will not be jumping the bus until I absolutely have to. Not because I do not want to, but due to that I need to take laborious measures to get the information on the bus. So I won't take the bus until I need to. Now that will likely happen at least a few times before the year is out for the Cady has been out of commission for over two months due to problems finding that dern proper steering knuckle- got three straight bad ones. But that is why I got the Merc and I have no backups for that other than the bus and push bike.

I need to know the times. I need to know the routes. I pick transit in other cities and they all have faults, but we are particularly riddled with faults in our transit. At least I am not the type to write something off completely.


Blogger Max said...

It's always been amazing to me that Bi-State hasn't tried harder at making their online version of the route maps easier to obtain. Some one over there entirely screwed up, apparently when they still had funds to do up such things, and no one has been able to go back and change it. Bi-state/Metro has always seemed to be less interested in getting and retaining riders and more interested in wasting money in other things.

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