Monday, November 15, 2004

Too much chicken thought

I have gotten the second most feedback on my blog from this chicken thing. It seems that people think I am putting this chicken on some sort of rack and torturing it. Far from it. One person hoped that a kid would get his eyes pecked out, and in turn sue me. Okay. I can only imagine the horror a kid would have after seeing a friend get mauled by a chicken. That chicken would have to be put down for sure. My mother was even extra concerned when she heard I got a chicken. She didn't like it when I ate that racoon.

Now one friend, Cathy, pleaded with me to keep the chicken as a pet. She is the one that forwarded me raccoon recipe. She told me a great story about a young lady in Saint Genevieve who owns a chicken and how her chicken is such a great pet. Cathy helped to that end by naming our chicken Adrian. Her methods are exceedingly convincing. Hoping I get sued by blinded children's parents, not so much.

I have respect for this chicken. I do. Adrian the chicken. The students have yet to decide whether or not the chicken will become a pet or not. Right now it is going 50-50, but I have a feeling that the longer the chicken stays at the gym, the more likely that the chicken will grow on the people. But time will tell.

I feed the chicken every day. Cracked corn mixed with stuff. I put a mirror by her cage. I spoke with Scott, the chicken guy about proper care. I got information from the chicken lady in Kirkwood on how to take care of a chicken in an urban environment.

I have been learning a lot about chickens. I learned that chickens need to be fed small pebbles for they don't have teeth. I learned that chickens crap a lot. It is fun figuring out what to line the cage with. First, which paper? The RFT is always good, but the targets on the front page of the Post tend to be ideal. I learned that chickens are not all that bright. I let the chicken run around the place one night. Free range. I found out that chickens don't really like to walk around. In fact the chicken walked over by the cage and got between it and the wall and just stared at the mirror. All night. But the chicken has been more lively of late. It has been walking around a lot more. It now walks over toward the other mirrors when I put food down. I mentioned to Scott that I didn't think the chickens were that bright. He gave me that look of- "yeah, and?"

One of the students gave me a documentary on chickens. Now if you want to talk about "gross", there are some gross parts of that documentary. It showed, at length, this story about a chicken that had no head. It went around the world and was put on display. It was so gross that I am not going to detail how a live chicken could have no head.

I am worried that some people don't have respect for children's eyesight.


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