Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Yo, Adrian

Here is a shot from the Panda AC last night. Rashaun was chasing after the chicken. It was the duty for each kid to catch the chicken as their final training exercise. The chicken is allowed to strut around during training. The kids love it.

"Little Man", Preston, the kid in the back put on the rubber gloves, cuz he didn't want to catch any chicken flu. Little man is quite possibly one of the finest boxers at 80 lbs in the US. This ain't no joke. He has form, excellent form, head movement and is just downright slick. The kid has it. He has better form than almost all fighters that I know and the kid is not even 10. Kids that young rarely can do anything else than swing. Little Man always runs into the gym, grabs the gloves and just keeps punching the whole time. With a smile on his face. He boxes kids twice his size, and tags them regularly. The bell will sound to end the round and he will keep on the kids twice his size and follows them into the corner tagging them, smiling, reaching around his opponents back around to the front to tag them on the stomach. He will not stop. And in such good spirits. If I ever need a man to work for me, someone to watch my back I am going to get Little Man.

To Jeremy's left is Juzzton Hill. Juzzton is one of the baddest kids in town. Sweet skills. He fought on my last Hoosierweight card. The kids were a bit pensive and anxious in their pursuit of the chicken. One would think the toughest crew of kids in town would tear the chicken apart, but that was far from the truth. One of the older kids was terrified of the chicken. The others could not stop laughing. One of the kids would have his hands around him, but he just could not put his hands together on the chicken.

We named the chicken Adrian. Makes sense cuz Adrian worked at a pet store. The chicken is doing well. We put a mirror by the cage so she has company. (Credit Cathy Johnson for the name)

Training has gone well the past couple of days. We are getting the flyers printed up. I had to run out to Fenton to do the press check. The sign guy is coming by tomorrow. I got the bathroom up and running. I still need to get the floor right. And a shower curtain. The ring is still under construction. We need to get some more brackets for the other speed bag. We got some more gear today. More wraps. We need to make sure we got more revenue though. I wound up taking my Grandmoms and Moms out to dinner today. My Grandmoms needs to eat more. She is 91. She is still in great health.

Props to Andrew Cutraro, a Panda AC charter member for his pic of the beautiful scene.


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