Friday, December 03, 2004

Getting my fix in the alley

What a progressive city we live in. I went out to the alley to get my wi-fi fix.

This will bring in all those much desired tekkies from all over the world. We are just at the beginning of the wave. There will be a sucking sound in Silicon Valley, Austin and New York. I can see it now, dot comers crouched over by the dumpster tapping away at their laptops surfing the net, exchanging important information and bringing the salvation to our streets with the mere presence of such welcome interlopers. The fix is as easy as hitting the street.

I discovered the ease of my wi-fi fix on the street from my man Andy. He hits the streets all the time and needs it for his work. He was telling me of all the places in town where I can get the hookup. Then I got my own machine a while back so I could get the fix. I first got it down in public on Cherokee at my favorite taqueria, El Bronco. I did not even have to leave my favorite eatery for my fix. Easy easy easy.

So I switched my DSL and phone over to the Panda to save money. I have not exactly been raking in the cash, so I really have to watch the expenses. Dollar thirty tacos, resoled shoes, second hand clothes, old cheap cars are all thrifty and now somehow cool. I certainly do not mind this brand of economy lifestyle. My DSL was hooked on for a month after my phone was turned off. I was hoping it was going to be one of those services they forget to switch off. But alas it was not. But I had weak signals hitting my house from the neighborhood. Friends like me, keep unsecured networks as a gracious service offered to the neighborhood. Kind of like when Ralph told me I could borrow his lawn mower. So I kept getting an intermittent signal in the house so I have been walking around in the fresh air to get a better signal. Sure enough out by the garage I can get the signal enough to download my email. For free. What a great city we live in.

More to come on relatives with ankle bracelets, the much interested produce haters, new car fun and more.


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