Thursday, December 23, 2004

Mammary Culture Shock

I am sitting here at Hartford Coffee banging away at the machine in the comforts of a coffee house. And right in front of me is a woman breastfeeding. I am so tempted to revert to my 13 year old self and snap a picture with my phone and giggle and make borderline inappropriate comments. I still just may. I feel so tribal. I guess that is the new trend now anyway, urban tribes. That would make me a war chief. I need to start uniting all the villages and then form the new nation's army to invade Chicago. The city of broad shoulders has been getting soft will all those Trixies in Lincoln Park. Then again, I am sitting at the Hartford Coffee in booshie Tower Grove South. I don't really need to invade Chicago. How about I storm the streets of Town and Country? Hmmm. Too easy. Wait a second, there is a woman still breastfeeding right in front of me. Hee hee. Now I must do my monkey dance and pray to the gods of the Tower Grove for snow in time for the winter feast day. Oooga oooga.


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