Monday, December 13, 2004

Peace brother

Here is a press release and photo from some of the more meddlesome troublemakers in town. I have no idea who would deface such high art.

Public Art Spells a Message of Peace

St. Louis, Missouri - December 9, 2004

In a spontaneous outpouring of goodwill, a message of "Peace" was spelled out with magnetic ribbons on Richard Serra's steel "Twain" sculpture at 10th and Market in downtown St. Louis. Magnetic American flags also adorned the steel panels. Anonymous artists left the following printed statement at the site: "A message of PEACE for the holidays dedicated to U.S. soldiers overseas and peace-loving people everywhere."

The letters of the "Peace" message were created out of dozens of yellow, camouflage, and star-spangled magnetic ribbons which usually appear on the back of automobiles in support of U.S. troops. The artists' statement acknowledged the contributions of many persons in the guerilla art display: "A warm thank you to all the patrons whose anonymous ribbon contributions supplied us with materials for our public art display. We invite others to add their own ribbons to to enlarge the message of Peace."

The unknown artists also expressed their gratitude to Serra:"A special thanks to Richard Serra whose magnificent public art provided a venue for ours."


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