Monday, December 20, 2004

RIP Chuck Norman

Crap!! I missed the Chuck Norman Christmas Party. Chuck passed away this past year. I guess in his passing they didn't advertise his Christmas party on every spare bus stop, billboard and taxi in town. I was checking to see on the WGNU website if it was earlier today, and I missed it for it was at the Science Center Exploradome. It was the greatest over at the Regal Riverfront with the Sweet and Sassy dancers, Barbizon Models, the Dancin' Dads and the creepy displays of patriotism. I am glad I paid my respects to the old man the past few years and went up to him in his wheelchair. I will dig up some old photos and post them up.

RIP Chuck Norman.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"He was a hunter for hire with no plans to retire, and all the sucka MCs can call him sire"

11:50 PM  

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