Thursday, December 16, 2004

RIP La Bohemme

This is a travesty. Not like the real travesties in life, such as death, destruction and injustice, but still it is disappointing. My favorite cafe is closing.

La Bohemme down on Macklind at Holly Hills is closing at the end of the month. This is a very cool Bosnian cafe. It is much more Euro trash Italian than Bosnian. It has fantastic food, much more Italian with paninis, salads, espresso, liqueurs and the best atmosphere in town. The place brings a hip modern European cafe to the sleepy neighborhood of Holly Hills. Wrong neighborhood ahead of it's time.

Nermin owns the cafe. I started going in shortly after they opened about a year and a half ago. Nermin reminds me of a veteran club kid with a Bosnian accent. Hipster sneakers, fancy name brand jeans, a convertible Saab, vintage Mercedes and gelled hair. The restaurant had a futuristic look from 1974 crossed with American and European flair. There were nice wooden tables, beautiful space age bar stools, chrome sugar containers that looked like the lunar space landing craft, high end glassware, a raised set back row of booths, a dj set up, bottles of soda and euro drinks, excellent coffees and espressos with high end set up cups, a beautiful pressed tin ceiling, cloth napkins, beautiful presentation and just great original food. The food was very very different than every other Bosnian joint in town. Most Bosnian joints have an emphasis on meat and meat and bread and meat. But this was a multi layered European menu. Fresh mozzarella, basil, fresh made Caesar dressing, olive spread, proscuitto, and more. Oh, woe is me. Simple, clean. This place would have hit on all eight cylinders, or I guess I should say, all four Mercedes diesel cylinders, if it were located in the West Endy Trendy or Downtown Wash Ave scene or even the new West End aka South Grand.

I stopped in there to eat and an espresso. I was usually the only one there. Nermin and I would chat a bit. I advised him on his liquor license. Another friend Steve helped him put flyers together. He never was able to get a license that would allow him to serve after 10 which kind of defeats the purpose of having a license.

I would call my peeps and tell them to go. No luck. Too far south. Too busy. Too anything. The place was dynamite, but it didn't matter. Too far out of the way. Too cool. Too good.

The place is open till the end of the month. He usually opens at 5pm Mon-Sat so if you get a chance to go, go!!


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Michael Allen said...
I lived near there for awhile and always thought the place looked like a cool place to hang out and read over coffee. Now I'm kicking myself for never going...

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