Sunday, January 02, 2005

Art Relieves but speech does not

I haven't gotten a hold of Mark Sarich of the Utah Neighborhood Art Center, but I heard word of the censored billboard on the side of his property. I talked to a couple of chums about it and relativley recently, and I was unable to get a guage on the range of the relative time, Mark had painted over the part of the sign that read "social constipation." Apparently he was getting a lot of heat over a series of unrelated issues and he figured to relieve some heat he would paint over part of his mural. The heat may or may not have been deserved, I don't know, but I really find it sad that someone would coerce the owner of a building to censor their own work of such a creative and relatively innocent sign. It is pathetic actually. If there is a problem, the problem should be addressed, not an unrelated expression.

No step forward and three steps back.


Blogger Michael Allen said...

That's ridiculous. I think that the LNAC may have been getting some heat for code violations, but the sign was perfectly legal. The sign is a creative restoration of the old sign taht had been there for years, which advertised a laxative drink! The word "constipation" was on that sign 50 years ago with no problems.

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