Sunday, January 09, 2005


Man, I been busy. I took three of the kids to the Don King Press Conference- amazing. I took them to lunch at the Tap Room. I will write this up. Derron also had his boxing debut on Friday and won. Yup. Very very cool and some interesting back story on that too. The kids are back in the gym. It is packed again now that the Holidays are over. They are also juiced up over Derron's victory. He got shoes and I am able to get some more shoes through some kind donations. They all want to be on my Hoosierweight fight card for the 4th at Soulard Market Gym. I got an invite to Robin Carnahan's inauguration tomorrow so I think I am going to go. I think I will bring my laptop with me for I am way way behind in work. Got some good deals cooking.


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