Friday, January 28, 2005

I have been warned that I might be shot or stabbed

Someone told me I am likely to get shot or stabbed by someone if I take Adrian to the dog parade. I was a little confused. They were first concerned that a dog might eat the chicken. I thought about that. I have seen some nast dogfights at the parade before, and I don't think Adrian would do to well in a matchup with a hungry dog. I would prefer her not to be a lunch for some dog. So that is why I figure Adrian should be in the cage on my radio flyer wagon. Then the person told me I would surely get stabbed or shot if I did that too. I don't understand. I guess people are really sensitive about chickens. I don't see the difference between dogs and chickens in the parade. I treat that chicken better than most dog owners treat their dogs. I think Adrian would like to be paraded around like a the mother queen hen she is around her old Soulard neighborhood where I bought her. She has become quite sociable over the past couple months. She follows me around. Comes into my office. Walks around my desk to say hello. The person then told me they put sweaters on dogs and it will be too cold. I was told by the chicken guy Adrian can handle cold weather. I guess I need to figure out exactly how cold the weather can be for Adrian to be in, or if I can find a chicken sweater. Maybe I can rig up some sort of warming fire in the wagon.


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