Thursday, January 13, 2005

Instant Update

Uh oh. I think something is going on. I am sitting here in El Bronco on Cherokee running off of someone's wifi around the block. Normally about 90% of the customers are Mexican. Today I was alone and two suits came in for a cordial lunch. They seemed a bit unsure how to order but were excited. Two white guys in their late 40s. Hmmm. Not that big of a deal for I see suits down here on occasion. There are the hospitals close by. Then I have seen something I couldn't have imagined.

Affluent white seniors. An entire pack of them.

Stop what you are doing now, liquidate your T bills and start investing in some property and some businesses on the wrong side of Cherokee. I have been coming down here and the only seniors I have seen have been old ones from the neighborhood. White, black, Mexican whatever. They are not outwardly affluent, and I only see Mexican seniors in the place. The white and black old folks go to Globe Drug, Salvation Army, the old Proper and maybe the hat shop.

These seniors are not familiar with the place. They drove up in nice cars. I have talked to some of the older folks who I know in the hood and they are too scared to walk down Cherokee. That is actually amusing to a certain degree. But they are old school. These seniors, and I have no idea if they are native southsiders, ones that have come back or whatever. I am listening in and they are talking about the neighborhood. I think one of them is from here and is explaining to the others where the Casa Loma is. Very interesting. I took a pic with my phone. They seem pretty cool. A lot of times the old school is suspicious and conservative. I don't get that vibe here. Hmmm. This might be more substantial than a proper white girl eating alone in a taqueria in the "hood". Now they are talking about street cars. These are likely people from the old neighborhood. Pretty cool. Often they are harshly negative when I talk to them about the old hood. I have talked to plenty of the old guys at the SBAC, old folks at neighborhood meetings and general people about the southside. They are just getting that now Soulard is not a ghetto. I could have told you that when I moved here twenty years ago. But Dutchtown, Cherokee, Grand, Shaw whatever is terrible. I have heard such terms as "getting dark" and even more explicit terms. But I don't see that now where I am sitting.


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posting on the go...thats hot.

maybe those old dudes were packing heat.



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