Sunday, January 23, 2005

Panic on the streets

(my words originally posted on another site)
I headed up to Chicago yesterday and everyone was freaked out about the weather in the STL. They told me it was snowning. Wow. Snowing in Chicago? In January? I heard it is raining in Florida too. Big deal. It is like Saint Louis is full of retirees who have nothing else to worry about.

"But Steve, it is going to be a lot of snow! The weatherman is clearly alarmed!"

"Uh, what do you mean?"

"The weatherman said not to go to Chicago. There is snow!"

"Those clowns break into newscasts to tell me it is cold outside. They get all worked up to juice their ratings. ...I will check into it before I leave in the morning. Maybe I should scurry to get some milk and eggs at the store so I can be normal with panic."

I checked the Ill highway website and all highways are passable. They say there is some snow downstate and accumulation up to a foot in Chicago. Good enough for me. If it was really all that bad, we would just turn around, but we cruised easy all the way up clocking 75 in Tim's front wheel drive Eldog. There was snow on the streets of Chicago and they were clearing them. There was about a foot or so of snow on the ground. Just a normal decent snowfall for the city of broad shoulders. I did get to see some woman riding a snowmobile down the street.


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