Monday, January 17, 2005

Pay tribute to MLK today by watching these documentaries

I don't have cable, so I rely on the airwaves to bring me the few meager things that are good TV. Last week was an especially good week. On Monday was an excellent documentary on MLK from American Experience. It is amazing. I taped it and watched half of it so far. The American Experience is amazing. I have the eight hour documentary they did on New York and the other they did on Chicago.

I don't think you can watch the American Experience online, but you can watch the Frontline. I like to watch them while I work. They have done a series of in depth pieces on these wars in the mid east. The Hunt for Bin Laden, Rummy's war, the Case for War etc. You can select the real player to play on top of your screen in the corner.

On Tuesday was another hard piece from the Frontline World series. I have watched nearly all of the Frontline archive and this new one was gut wrenching. They did a piece on war reporting in Iraq. It had an interesting bit on how we are using quite a few Iraqis to do the string reporting. And quite a few of them are dying in the process. The other segment was particularly disturbing. It was Sudan, the Darfur region. I can't go into it too much here. I can't do it justice, but just watch it. And the last piece is a disturbing one on China and how they clamp down on thier people. The production on these pieces have really sharpened. They have always been well written but the prodcution is getting to be very cutting edge.

I need to go see some movies. I think I am going to check out Million Dollar Baby and Hotel Rwanda.


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