Wednesday, January 12, 2005


This is one funny graffiti artist. I saw this last week on the fun side of Cherokee scrawled on the front of the old temp employment joint. I should track him down and get him over to the gym to give us all nicknames. People probably walk on the other side of the street when they see this (t)hug rollin'. Sheesh. I thought Cherokee was supposed to be tough. Then again it might be very very tough, for anyone who tags is a delinquent from the underbelly of society and should be cast out from all the civilized citizenry. At least he should be caned. About ten or so years ago the esteemed alderman from the near north side, Freeman Bosley Sr. proposed that we introduce caning to any youth caught tagging. I don't know if that would really be a deterrent to a guy named (T)HUG. (T)HUG might just find such a punishment more of a reward.

A lot of people commented to me personally about the white girl syndrome. I am not sure still about such a societal syndrome, but I know something will have changed when I see one of the proper white girls down on Cherokee in one of the real Mexican restaurant unescorted. I have seen white girls, and I mean young women by this term, on Cherokee for about two years on a semi-regular basis, but they tend to be the extra grit, edge strreet tough hipster and/or hippy flavor. But this definition of gritty girl can be stretched to about two thirds of the female population. However, once we see one of the women who is not typecast in this wide swath of the population that will be a big change. If we see a proper white girl unescorted shopping on Cherokee in the Mexican grocery store and eating alone in a taqueria- forget it. It is over. It will be too late to even invest in the property to make a few nickels. But now spot a few on the street. With a pack of other girls, riding a bike, with a fella or whatever. That is a sure sign. There goes the neighborhood. Time to get in. I give it 5-10 years until we see the big change in that hood depending on the speed of lending, city cooperation(this is the biggest holdup in this hood) and economic conditions.

One big thing the guvament man could do to spark change would be to let more people to get driver's licenses in our state. I know my state rep Mike Daus has been pushing to let the non-citizen peoples get licenses. That would be a very smart move on so many levels. A lot of guys keep Illinois plates and licenses for a reason.

I have not been posting as much for it has been an especially crazy week. I got some gem posts that I will try to get up by the end of the week on some crazy observations of union guys at the fights last week at the SBAC, the Don King press conference and why Showtime are really haters of kids and the sport of boxing, the inaugurations in Jeff City, and I still have not written about the Wash Ave produce haters.


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