Wednesday, January 26, 2005

What the hell is going on?

There was just a string of shootings yesterday up and down Nebraska. Some goon shot at some kids coming out of school from Roosevelt High over off Arkansas. I usually don't do crime updates, but seriously, what the hell is going on? I should do crime updates. I used to clip crime reports back when I was in high school and college. That was a terrible time. I would tape them on to my closet door until it was covered.

This ain't cool at all. This whole Columbine bullshit is just really crazy. Kids don't have to be into this kind of shit. Kids are going to get into shit, but they don't have to be getting into that kind of shit. We need to differentiate what is unacceptable trouble and what is just trouble. We need to keep them from getting into that really bad kind of trouble. Whatever it is we need to do, we need to do it.

Christ, I have been running the kids from the Panda all over today and yesterday. I am getting worn out, but it is fun. The kids from Knuckles Gym and West End City Rec Gym came over to the Panda yesterday. I had my kids square off against the kids from these gyms. My kids did good for the most part. Really good. Lorenzo has a good grip on it. He talks some huge game. But he didn't after he got dropped in the first round of sparring. He took it quite well. He is still very composed, and is cracking jokes about it. He went and sparred again today and looked great. Derron "the Mayor", that is his new nickname he gave himself after meeting the Mayor, has done very very well. Today I got them over to Cherokee Rec and we did well again.

I had them hang posters in the West End before we hit Cherokee. They liked the Loop better. But a Wednesday is not Friday, but the Loop is not the West End either. When I asked one of the kids who lives on CD Banks and Vandaventer by the Swish Wash if he lives in the Ville he told me he lived in the Central West End. Hmm, I never considered that the Central West End. I asked him if he had ever been to Euclid in the Central West End, he said no. Odd. Really, really odd. Then again, I doubt many the people who run around in the Central West End have been north of Delmar too, or if they considered the neighborhood off CD Banks and Vandaventer part of the Central West End. That is odd too, but more sad. Two sides of a coin.

The kids gave some flyers over at Brennan's wine bar and the guy that runs it asked about me. Lorenzo came over to tell me to go see him. He told the guy I know everybody. Seems to be true. I went over and saw Mark Brennan. He did this badass video of my fights in the backyard on the boxing website. He opened that place up a couple of years ago. It was great to see Mark. He really has done some great things there. The man knows his wine and he also does cigars. They put in this wicked cool speakeasy basement. I think I should do something like that in my basement. It would look a lot better than what I got now. Then again, I have thrown a few concerts there. Ellie Aid with MU330 was one of the best speakeasy shows I ever had. I need to go back to Mark's place soon.

I am lucky. The kids that I work with are pretty good. We don't have any that are real trouble. Not right now. I hope for it to stay that way.


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