Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I just finished watching the Missouri Governor's speech for the State of the State.

Amazing. I never have watched it before really. I heard the one last year, but it didn't really get me going. They tend to get a bit dull, and this one was pretty lively. The governor said a lot of interesting things. I feel very uneasy. Worried. It was a show. Dramatic. I am going to the website to check it out to get more information. I need to reaffirm my brain with what was just said. Jay Nixon just did the response. He is the AG, the top cop in the state. I guess he is taking the position as the top Dem in the state. There was some spec to who that would be.

I went down to Jeff City for the inaugurations. I was invited to one of them. It was cold that day and I had forgotten my jacket. We had a mild few days just prior and I had talked to my chum, the same one who told me not to go to Chicago, and asked him what the weather was and he said it was going to warm up. Now you know why I listen the way I listen. Anyway, I went to Jeff City and froze my nuts off because I heeded the weather report from the word of a friend.

I managed to score an extra good seat to the outdoor ceremony, but I had forgotten my topcoat and the air had turned frigid. I had gotten some tix from my state rep for he wasn't going to be there outside to freeze and see this guy get inagurated. I was going to watch the whole thing, for I like being outside and seeing and hearing it all, even during the grand ceremony. But alas, the temperature had dropped dramatically, and I wouldn't be able to sit down during this. I had to keep moving. Standing and stomping my feet to stay warm. I had scored some coffee from inside the capitol at the rep offices. So I never really got to see anything, in terms of anything other than ceremony from the Governor side.

I did go see Robin Carnahan. I watched her get inagurated and all and then made a bee line back to the Secretary of State fortress a few blocks from the Capitol. That is an amazing building, it has all sorts of beautiful historic records, but that is another story. Anyway, she had a really good speech at her new compound. Very sharp gracious and hopeful. She then had the whole recieving line, the throngs of well wishers. It was an interesting crowd. A particularly interesting crowd, moreso than the Gov deal. That was more of a flatout circus freakshow, complete with the capitol dome acting as a main stage tent. I fit into both a little more than I liked.

The Governors speech was something else. Certainly attention getting. Sheesh. I think I am going to read the transcript.

I have been in a news vacuum lately. I put an addition in my kitchen and I had to flip the power. I have still not reset the clocks and VCR. So I have not been watching the national news or the News Hour. I have been skimming the paper, and it has not been all that pretty of a week.

I almost don't know if I can go through the transcript. I don't know if I have the mental strength. I think I am going to check through some of the policy wonk blogs to see what the take is.


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