Monday, February 28, 2005

27 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables

That is three days of proper servings.

I have been doing okay in my Lenten sacrifices. I have cheated a bit with the white flour. I did eat fried fish, but I haven't really done any significant white flour. I haven't been drinking any booze either. On the whole it has been relatively easy.

I have avoided the sugar with one exception. Sugar is my real weakness. I had a particularly weak moment. I was at a friends and his roommate made fresh chocolate chip cookies. I lost it. I ate a cookie. Okay, cookies. But I have been eating so many fruits and vegetables I have been craving the thick hearty goodness of cookies. I guess I will be serving some extra time in purgatory or something. They were so good. Sinful.

But the hardest part of Lent is what I am trying to take in. I am trying to eat the government suggested 9 servings of vegetables and fruit each day. I bought a juicer to help. This is hard. Really hard. I already felt I ate a lot of fruit and a fair amount of vegetables. Five or six servings of vegetables and four or five servings of fruit. Even with the juicer this is hard. My house smells like if a vegetable had an ass. Hopefully I will get used to it. I am still suspicious that this is healthy. I think the fruit and vegetable lobby has gotten a hold of the food pyramid. Hey, the fruit lobby got us to jump Guatemala. Bananas. I must say I am conflicted about this for I love fruit so much. I am not sure I buy "No Blood for Fruit Juice." I might just defend my right to imported fruit. I am so bad.

So my father has given up red meat for lent. He has done pretty good. Then again he let me eat meat at lunch with him last Friday. My father should be a lawyer. I later said it was his fault and he then told me "I was going to tell you, but I realized you didn't remember therefore you did not commit a sin." I looked at him and told him "Thanks a lot. Is this extra purgatory time or am I going to burn?" We laughed.


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