Thursday, February 17, 2005

Blogtime and broken things

My blog broke, but Ran Mano and Dan Pinkard rescued me. Thanks fellas. However, all my pix got broke too, and I haven't had time to fix'm yet. I will try to soon. It may take a bit.

I am in the middle of some business that is going to take me away from blogging for a bit, so I might only be posting once or twice a week. It is a good release for me, but I have been stretching my time too much and been unable to get enough work done, and I don't have the luxury of getting to it tomorrow. So until I get past the first phase of this project I am going to be not as attentive on the blog.

Also- if you want to know about the Fish Fry, let me know and I will pass along the info. I have given up white flour, sugar, all booze and corn chips. I like to use my Catholic guilt toward positive ends.


Anonymous ajay said...

how are you going to eat at the fish fries?!? isn't most everything coated with white flour prior to being fried?!


2:17 AM  
Blogger Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

Why must you hate Catholicism?

I have no problem pleading religious persecution in order to avoid technicalities.

11:42 AM  

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