Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Catlicks, Poles and Papists in the news

Wow, that old man the Pope is really a fighter. Jeez, I mean how sick is the guy as he continues to croak out the window at the people? I knew the Polish are fighters, but he is brining a new dynamic to his persona. He continues on living somehow. I got to give the guy credit where credit is due.

Holy Polish Sausage, they covered the Saint Stans deal on the CBS national news. Pretty interesting. Now Archbishop Burke looks like even more of a stooge. CBS presented another fairly balanced deal and all, but it can't help him from looking like a stooge. They interviewed both sides with blunt words quoted and spewed facts. It is just the facts that mess up that story for Burke. The church would be fools for kicking out for such truly faithful Catholics that kept Saint Stans alive. Saint Stans would be fools for accepting the offer by Burke. Burke is shutting down Saint Francis. The cathedral of the south side, the beautiful steeple church at California and Gravois. If they were independent, we would be able to not only keep that open, but also to provide valuable services to the rapidly growing influx of Mexican immigrants to Cherokee neighborhood. But the archdiocese really doesn't make enough money on that church. There is not enough to squeeze. Instead of having two churches that provide Spanish mass and services to Spanish speakers on the south side, we cut it down to one and the one further away at Saint Cecelia's. What happened to compassion? What happened to supporting young families in need? And these are young Catholic families. A young Catholic community. What happened to trying to grow the church? Or is it about money? Oh yeah, I forgot. Good move by Saint Stans. What do you need the archdiocese for? What are they providing? They have no problem shutting down a church when it doesn't pay enough tribute.

Of course, what do I care? He is just the reason that keeps the fish fry tradition alive and gives out a special dispensation on Saint Paddy's day to allow me to drink during Lent. I got what I want. Okay, maybe not. Wait a sec, now that I am looking, there is more than just one thing that I see wrong here...uh oh, this is going to take a bit.

I have a crucifix tattooed on my arm. I remember this wank jumped all over my back at one of the presidential meetups last year about this time at Kitchen K. This guy saw my scapular I wear around my neck and asked me about it. I told him it "kept me safe from the flames of Hell" as I smiled. He then got all pissy and threw a hissy fit. He started going off on Catholics and religion. I gave him a smile and let him vent. Still makes him a wanker. He told me how harmful the Catholic Church has done and how I am supporting the wrong thing. I was born Catholic. My family all are practicing Catholic. Inclusiveness goes a lot further. Inclusiveness means including people that are not necessarily consistent. It means finding the common issues where we can work together. We can get a lot further by supporting progressive Catholics. There is a lot in Catholicism that is very very progressive. The church came out against the war. The church is big in social justice, probably the leading edge of social justice activism. The church did a lot to knock out communism. The church is flawed too, but that is the easy part to see. We need to support reform, not jump to hate. This wanker is doing a lot of damage to the common cause by hatin' so easily.



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Amazing commentary. Damn.


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