Sunday, February 13, 2005

Cruising and Gravois boycott

I started up my car yesterday and cut through the alley. My 429 engine was revving a bit higher for the choke was still running. I then passed the T in the alley and an old man yelled at me to slow down. It startled me, for I wasn't expecting it. I looked down at my speedometer and I was going about 11-12 mph. Not all that fast, but fast enough. I then started to notice how fast I have been driving. I caught myself that night driving 40 in a 30. Why am I in such a rush? Is it that I have been more hurried lately? I need to slow down. Maybe it is the hot rod engine in the new T-Bird. Yeah, but I prefer to cruise. I do, but I can't cruise if I am flying through alleys like Starsky and Hutch. I need to stop driving so fast. I need to get back to the leisurely cruising lifestyle.

Gravois is ugly. Just ugly. It is wide like an interstate highway. It is eight lanes at Jefferson. They call it the Hoosier Highway for a reason, and it is not just because it transports hoosiers. It is a highway, and I have an aversion to urban highways. There are only two redeeming structures on it. Saint Francis and the Southside National Bank. It has a mix of relatively cheap buildings compared the competition when it comes to roadways. I am going to take more elegant streets. I need to class up my surroundings. I prefer Magnolia. Cherokee. Sidney. Wyoming. Russell. Russell is a sexy street. I even prefer blown out streets like Jefferson. It is just more interesting. Gravois? Gravois is like a rusty blade that cuts across the southside. They need to narrow the street to make it more intimate.


Blogger She Dances in Dragon said...

And St. Francis is slated for closure. (sigh)

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gravois is hideous, but the city shouldn't narrow it. An ugly street with wide, empty sidewalks is still ugly. The city should, however, put an elevated train down Gravois. I know they're gross and probably the single ugliest thing about that Illinois city, but Gravois couldn't get worse. The upshot would be a needed southwestern mass-transit corridor running out of downtown that could be built on the cheap. Els are inexpensive to construct, and you can build a hell of a lot of elevated tracks for the price of building underground in Clayton and U. City.

Ultimately, the Gravois line could meet up with the south county extension, making downtown -- rather than Clayton -- the Metrolink hub. Also, the line could link Soulard and Lafayette Square (Tucker/Park and Gravois/Russell stations respectively) to the transit web. Another bonus, the train would go through deep southside neighborhoods that actually want mass transit and would use it as an alternative to the cars they might barely be able to afford.

And because the line would be nearly entirely in the city, the city could pass a fuel tax (if such things can be done on the county level) to pay for it. V8 hipsters might have to pay a little more, but there lies the path to progress. And it wouldn't be much -- like I said, an elevated line would be cheap-o, compared to the rest of the Metrolink boondoggle.

Some do-gooders like the Metropoloids or their emeritus members at ACC or Commonspace ought to make a campaign out of this issue.

5:05 PM  
Blogger Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

V8 Hipsters! I don't drink no tomato juice.

I will complain and complain each time a tax is passed and the more money I pay. But that is natural. Just don't pay me no mind, for it is for the best.

6:45 PM  

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