Monday, February 21, 2005

Fight Weekend

Here are some shots of the kids from last weekend's Henry Armstrong Diamond Gloves Tournament at Cherokee Rec. We had three champs and one runner up.

Here is a shot of Derron "the Mayor" Moore in his corner with Coach Roberto. Derron scored a decision victory in his first fight and lost a narrow decision in the title bout against a kid who had won the Ringside Tournament and Golden Gloves last year. Derron was very impressive for his experience. He is learning quite a bit.

There were about 70 or so fights over the weekend. It was hectic. They used both corners of the ring and did one minute rounds with the kids taking breaks in the corners while the other kids boxed. It was odd. Derron's younger brother Demetrius "The Navigator" Johnson won in his 63 lb weight class in an impressive decision. His brother commented, "you box better here than at the gym!" That is true because he is the smallest at our gym and he rarely gets to box someone his own size.

Here is a picture of Montrell Washington right before his victory to win the tournament. Motrell stopped his opponent in the second round. His right hand shuddered his opponent. Montrell's older brothers all came down to check out his victories. I could see the smiles on all the faces from the sharp enthusiasm from victory. Montrell lost a close bout in his debut at the Hoosierweight and was rather upset by it, but that is how you learn. He sought redemption in the squared circle and earned it with hard work.

Here is a picture of Lorenzo "Technical" Taylor right before his bout. He looked very very slick with great head movement and counter punching abilities. As you might notice there is a trend going on with the kids. A couple of them have adopted sharp hats. They got them on their own. I think I might give them one of my old hats. Lorenzo insisted on going into the ring wearing the hat. We had to remind him that it was mandatory to wear headgear and the hat wouldn't fit on his headgear. You might also notice he is wearing a Rick James t-shirt. He pointed it out to me proudly and I complimented him. I loved the shirt. The kid was wearing a Rick James shirt, he has a gold grill and a fedora. That kid has more style than any other kid on the northside. At the Spinks fight he wore a new pair of Air Force Ones and a knit cap with ear covers on it. He was strutting around like he was the hottest thing around. And he was.

Lorenzo gave me a copy of his New Testement to hold on to while he boxed. I gave him my scapular to wear around his ankle while he boxed. I used to put scapulars around my ankles and wrists when I boxed. I felt it gave me the power of the counter-reformation with every counter-punch. And the scapular worked for Lorenzo too. I think they need to add on to the guarantee you get on the scrap of paper that put in the scapular packets that says "saves the wearer from the eternal flames of Hell" with a new addition "and the power to knock suckers out."

Here is a shot of Kenny Loehr(on the left) from 12th and Park. He had received an award for 50 years of service in boxing. He has coached some of the top fighters and worked with kids for nearly his entire life. He is the Cus D'Mato of Saint Louis. He is a cool fella. He shoots straight and says it like it is. In boxing he is a real good guy. He told me Saint Louis and boxing needs more guys like me and the crew at the Panda. We sometimes go to 12th and Park to spar.

This shot was from the Saturday afternoon Smoker at the SBAC. A smoker is an old term that meant amateur bouts for the adults to watch and smoke and drink. All the champs came in town for this honor. As a side note Ricki Lane from Cherokee Rec fought Tyrone Chapman from 12th and Park again. They had fought on my Hoosierweight Cards. They have fought some of the best fights at Hoosierweight. They are the fights where everyone stops and just watches the ferocity and skill. This time Ricki Lane won. These are two of the toughest and baddest kids in town. They are both very very cool too. Kenny coaches Ty too.


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i luv that kid lorenzo he is so fire(good lookin) i might need to come down to the gym and ask him for some work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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