Friday, February 11, 2005

The Fish

Yes, the Fish is back for the Lenten season. Mardi Gras has passed us and we must now suffer according to the old books. So no more pleasure, and more fish and beer! Not exactly punishing, but that is about as tough as it gets.

This week we will be meeting at Holy Family, one of the many Parishes that Arch Bishop Burke wants to shut down. It has one of the more jovial and youthful Fish dinners in town. They even hire a secondary police officer. The kids love it so much they get rowdy outside. The dessert selection is tops and they serve the beer in pitchers. The top guy priest is a cool fella, in fact he used to be a bartender. He is hustlin' to keep that place open. The lines are long, so be sure to grab a beer while in line.

So in order to show our support, please show up at 5 or 5:30 over on Humphrey west of Grand by about four blocks. They serve fish until 7, so don't be too late.

Here are directions


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