Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I am popular

So the kids are reading my blog. I saw Lorenzo yesterday and he told me he looked me up on the internet and found my website. Lorenzo is one of my fighters. He is the young man who told an associate that "Steve knows everybody" after handing this random guy who knew me a flyer. I figure he wanted to find out more on me. That was a bit of a surprise.

Lorenzo said my blog was funny. Really funny. I am very flattered. My blog is entertainment for a 14 year old. Lorenzo has a gold grill and has the word "REN" braided into his hair. He has slick skills in the ring and rhymes with ease. And he thinks my blog is funny. Wow. Lorenzo read a good deal of my blog. Lorenzo is a funny kid. He is a smart kid too. All the kids are smarter than you might think.

I was listening to KWMU today and they were discussing the sale of the Post. They speculated on younger people and how they can get them to read the paper. They said they have short attention spans. So the hosts of Saint Louis on the air wondered how the Post could gain younger readers. I wonder how many editors have talked to kids like Lorenzo lately. I know the Post used to have a program to have kids sell the paper on street corners. I benefited from that program. I don't see that many carriers doing it anymore. Then again, I think the PD bought out all the carriers. It would behoove them to try to start that up again. As George said at the market "I love the kids! They are my future customers!" So simple, yet the practice eludes many. Good relevant interesting writing can get kids to get the kids in the habit of reading the paper. Employees make great future customers too. I am proof. I wonder if Lea Syndicate will get it.

So Lorenzo wanted me to write about him in my blog. He also wanted me to post his picture. I don't have a picture of him, other than the mugshot we put in his registration book. So Lorenzo, here is the piece I wrote. Hopefully he will submit a rhyme to me so I can post it on the site.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want my name in this article. Very badly. Because I train hard too.

LaMarco Taylor

8:12 PM  
Blogger She Dances in Dragon said...

I think it's awesome that your kids found your blog.
And I remember the paper boys selling on a corner or pulling a wheeled box down the street calling, "PA-per here." I always wondered where they went, because I never see them anymore. It's a shame.
I think the Post would sell more papers if they allowed paper sellers again. Not to mention (because you already did, *grin*) how good it is for the kids selling the papers.

9:42 AM  

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