Sunday, February 13, 2005

Moral Decay and Media Watch

The national broadcast corporate news seems to be turning into more of an entertainment show than a news program. I am too young to be turning into a pissy old man already. I think it is turning into entertainment news.

I just watched the news and they had a piece on about the moral decay in our country and how the networks and the football league have changed the Super Bowl halftime show and commercials in response to America's outrage about this.

When I think about this, I can only think that we have moral decay in our country since we started. Our country was founded on all sorts of moral decay. We have written into our constitution inequities in our equality as people. But the outrage in our country about... a nipple. I wish I could be outraged by something as simple as a nipple. Sure nipples can get me all wound up, distracted, embarrassed, goofy, excited but no, not outraged. I would be far more outraged by true moral decay. Nipples are not the problem. They are a distraction. And it works. I do get distracted when I see nipples.

So just when I think the news is news again, Peter Jennings is going to do some sort of special report on UFOs. UFOs. Special Report. Then they do a story on the comic strip Cathy. That annoying comic strip Cathy is getting married. And this is news. The news has become entertainment. I am not going crazy.

And to further prove this odd twist in the news, there was one other piece on NBC. It was the NBC Fleecing of America pieces. They did one on how the military conducted a study for 25 grand on teleporting. Like on Star Trek. And they interviewed the military officers. The report came back that it is highly unlikely that the technology will be available in the foreseeable future. So the story does not end there. They interview William Shatner. Why? I guess cuz he did it on Star Trek. Or it was a product placement for priceline. I am imagining if a local TV station did a story on this they would wind up at the local comic book store to interview the comic book geeks about teleporting. That would be entertainment.

I wish the news was really this simple. And I am now thinking of nipples more often.


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