Monday, February 14, 2005

The Movies and the French

Everyone keeps asking me if I have seen Million Dollar Baby. I guess I want to see it, but honestly I go to a boxing gym every day and my drive is low to see a boxing movie, even one that looks good. I haven't had much time, and I wanted to see one movie if I got a chance, and I got that chance.

I went to go see Hotel Rwanda earlier today. I wish everyone would go see this movie. I got about halfway through a book on the subject, We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families. It was too depressing. I wish President Bush would see this movie. Now that genocide happened under the watch of Bill Clinton. Clinton was asked in an interview if he had any regrets while in office. He answered without pause. He said "Rwanda". He knew he dropped the ball in Rwanda.

It is happening again in Sudan. Colin Powell calls it genocide and we do...nothing. We are dropping the ball again. When Bush was asked what he regrets about his first four years in office? Nothing.

The UN is a fraud. They did nothing in Rwanda. They had a guilt complex and are doing war tribunals. Cute. And now this is happening in Sudan and they are sitting by. France, oh yes, the French. People keep saying they are going to leave the US to go to France because they are so peaceful for opposing the war in Iraq. Don't kid yourself. The French are a fraud too. The French supplied the Rwandan Army. And they had deals with Iraqis. France opposes sanctions against Sudan. We all play our games. The US is no better. We play ball with dictatorships such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China and more. We, the US, only talk and use "diplomacy" as an excuse in humanitarian crisis. And the UN does a report. And people still die every day. This wouldn't be happening if it were in western Europe. It was said by the UN General who was in Rwanda that it would take about 44,000 troops to end this violence in Sudan. Shame. We are being shamed. What is Bush going to do about this? He should see the movie. I wonder what he would say.


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